Welcome to the EGMS Wellness Team Booking Page

Using the form below, students can easily schedule a 30-minute meeting with one of the school counsellors. Our counsellors are Mrs. Sasakura & Mrs. Catton.

Please keep in mind that sessions are for individual students only; group meetings cannot be booked online. If your counsellor feels the need to meet as a group, they will help you organize a time for this.

Parents, if you would like to book an appointment with a counsellor, please do not use this form! Email them directly instead:  

Click here to email Mrs. Sasakura  //  Click here to email Mrs. Catton


Before booking, please think about the following:

  • Be mindful of what else might be happening in your class at the time you want to book (tests, presentations, field trips, etc.)
  • Please check with your teacher before class to ensure that the time works for you to miss class.
  • Please cancel any appointment you cannot attend as soon as possible! This way someone else can book that time.
  • Please try not to book during the same class repeatedly.
  • Be aware that sometimes emergencies happen and we may need to reschedule.


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