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Glenbrook is a triple-track grade 6 through 8 middle school with students enrolled in English and Late French Immersion and to continue their Early French Immersion studies.  Students whom reside in-catchment come to Glenbrook from Skwo:wech Elementary, Herbert Spencer, F.W. Howay, Qayqayt ( Early French Immersion only) and Lord Tweedsmuir (Early French Immersion only), and move on to New Westminster Secondary School (NWSS) for grades 9 through 12.

New Westminster Catchment Map

In this package you will find helpful information about policies, procedures and how the school runs.  Please speak with your teachers, the staff at the office or Mr. Evans/Ms. Trieu if you are not sure about something at the school.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Please follow the link below for a more detailed outline of our policies and procedures.

2021-22 School Procedures


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