Staff Contact Information

Principal: Chris Evans

Vice Principal: Gary Pattern

Head Secretary/Records: Lena Moysiuk

Div. Staff Name Support Staff
Div. A1 Mr. Rafter Grade 6/7 English Mrs. L. Moysiuk Secretary
Div. A2 Mr. J. Gebert Grade 6/7 English Ms. K. Jull Secretary
Div. A3 Mr. Y. Nadeau Grade 6 LFI Mrs. E. O’Neill Child and Youth Worker
Div. A4 Mme. H. Lewis Grade 6 LFI Mrs. T. Smith Child and Youth Worker
Div. B1 Ms. T Mennie Grade 6/7 English
Div. B2 Ms. B. Tam Grade 6/7 English
Div. B3 Mr. Y Laforest Grade 6/7 English Mrs. A. Rich E.A.
Div. B4 Mme. J. Mark Grade 6/7 EFI Ms. A. Shephard E.A.
Div. C1 Mr. D. Graves Grade 6/7 English (Tue/Wed/Thu) Mrs. J. Riat E.A.
Div. C2 Ms. K Haberl Grade 6/7 English Mrs. L. Tessarolo E.A.
Div. C3 Mr. K. Sadr Grade 7 LFI Mrs. M. Virdi E.A.
Div. C4 Mme. A Konjin Grade 7 LFI Mr. P. Thadathilayyathyu E.A.
Div. D1 Mrs. L. Porter Grade 6/7 English Mrs. S. Johnson E.A.
Div. D2 Mrs. M. Larkin Grade 6/7 English Ms. K Smith E.A.
Div. D3 Mme. K. Rexin Grade 6/7 EFI Mrs. G Kaur E.A.
Div. D4 Mme. A Salvant Grade 6/7 EFI Ms. S. Pervez E.A.
Div. E1 Mme. M. Sprangers

& Mr. G. Pattern

Grade 8 EFI Mrs. S Mutti E.A.
Div. E2 Mr. R. Eberding Grade 8 EFI Mrs. A. Nandha E.A.
Div. F1 Mr. D. Blatherwick Grade 8 English Mrs. P. Sandhu E.A.
Div. F2 Ms. A Seto Grade 8 English Mr. E. Kebedom Custodian
Div. F3 Mr. A. Alvaro Grade 8 English Mr. T. Almonte Custodian
Div. G1 Mrs. S Brothers Grade 8 English Mr. G. Marcilla Custodian
Div. G2 Mrs. C. Trott Grade 8 English
Div. G3 Mr. D. Mayilukila Grade 8 English Mrs C Geroux Noon-hour supervisor
Div. G4 Ms. J. Webster Ms. L. Powell Noon-hour Supervisor
Resource Mme. C. Richter Resource (French) Mrs. J. Ross Crossing Guard
Resource Mr. A Tirkey Resource Teams: Mr. A Isidro Noon-hour Supervisor
Resource Mrs. S Peacock Resource Teams: Mr. Amanuel Asgodom SWIS Coordinator
Resource Ms. N Gibbs Resource Teams:
Exploratory Mrs. A Jurgensen Exploratory/Art
Exploratory Ms. W. Chan Exploratory/Home Ec.
Exploratory Mr. A. Dayrit Exploratory/Band
Exploratory Mr. S .Cobb Exploratory/Tech. Ed.
Library Ms. V. Yung Teacher Librarian
Wellness Mrs. S. Sasakura Counsellor
Wellness Ms. Jamie Catton Counsellor
Wellness Mr. Lee Laufer Indigenous Education Support Worker
ELL Mrs. Y. Daredia English Language Learning Teacher