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Staff Contact Information

Please note the complete list below for the staff of École Glenbrook Middle School updated July 4, 2018.

Principal:  Chris Evans

Vice Principal:  Tu Loan Trieu

Secretaries:  Lena Moysiuk


Teaching Staff Support Staff
Div. A1 Mr. R. Rafter Grade 6 English Mrs. L. Moysiuk Secretary
Div. A2 Mr. J. Gebert Grade 6 English Ms. K. Jull Secretary
Div. A3 Ms. CL Chen

Ms. S Brothers

Grade 6 English  Ms. S. Gill Secretary
Div. B1 Mr. A. Alvaro Grade 6 English Mrs. L. Tessarolo E.A.
Div. B2   Ms. B. Tam Grade 6 English Mr. P. Thadathilayyathu E.A.
Div. C1 Ms. S. Laven Grade 7 English Mr. M. Davis E.A.
Div. C2 Mr. D. Graves Grade 7 English Ms. S. Johnson E.A.
Div. C3 Ms. L. Porter  Grade 7 English Ms. J. Riat E.A
Div. C4 Ms. A. Jurgensen  Grade 7  English Ms. C. Abe E.A
Div. D1   Ms. C. Trott  Grade 8 English  Ms. S. Deschenes E.A
Div. D2 Mr. D. Blatherwick Grade 8 English  Ms. A. Rich E.A
Div. D3 Ms. S. Brothers Grade 8 English Ms. A. Shephard E.A
Div. E1 M. Y Nadeau Grade 6 Late French
Div. E2 Mme H. Lewis Grade 6 Late French
Div. E3 M. K. Sadr Grade 7 Late French
Div. E4 Mme A. Konjin Grade 7 Late French
Div. F1 M. Y. LaForest Grade 6 Early French .
Div. F2 Mme J. Mark Grade 6 Early French
Div. F3 Mme K. Rexin Grade 7 Early French
Div. F4 Mme J. Webster Grade 7 Early French
Div G1 Mme N. Domeck Grade 7/8 French
Div G2 Mme S Gibson Grade 8 French
Div G3 M. B. Craig Grade 8 French
Div G4  Mme. M. Sprangers Grade 8 French
Ms. S. Omerod Resource
Ms. C. Richter Resource
Mr. R. Peacock Resource
Ms. C. Woo Teacher Librarian
Ms. T. Smith Child Care Worker
Mr. E. Hartmann Exploratory  Mr. E.   Kebedom  Custodian
Ms. W. Chan Exploratory  Mr. T. Alamonte  Custodian
Mr. C. Woo Exploratory
Mr. P. Zaenker Exploratory/Band
Ms. J. Osborne  M/W/Th

Ms. Z. Manji Tu/Fri

Ms. S. Bellerose  Tu/Th Aboriginal Support Worker
Constable G. Lau Police Liaison Officer