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Staff Contact Information

Principal: Chris Evans

Vice Principal: Tu Loan Trieu

Head Secretary/Records: Lena Moysiuk

Div. Staff Name Support Staff
Div. A1 Mr. Rafter Grade 6/7 English Mrs. L. Moysiuk Secretary
Div. A2 Mr. J. Gebert Grade 6/7 English Ms. K. Jull Secretary
Div. A3 Mr. Y. Nadeau Grade 6 LFI
Div. A4 Mme. H. Lewis Grade 6 LFI Mrs. T. Smith Child and Youth Worker
Div. B1 Mr. A. Alvaro Grade 6/7 English Mrs. E. O’Neill Child and Youth Worker
Div. B2 Ms. B. Tam Grade 6/7 English Mrs. Y Deredia ELL Teacher
Div. B3 Mr. D Graves Grade 6/7 English Mrs. A. Rich E.A.
Div. B4 Mr. Y Laforest Grade 6/7 EFI Ms. A. Shephard E.A.
Div. B5 Mme. J. Mark Grade 6/7 EFI Ms. C. Abe E.A.
Div. C1 Ms. CL Chen Grade 6/7 English (Tue/Wed/Thu) Mrs. J. Riat E.A.
Div. C1 Ms. D Gill Grade 6/7 English (Monday & Friday) Mrs. S Norris-Forde E.A.
Div. C2 Ms. K Haberl Grade 6/7 English Mrs. L. Tessarolo E.A.
Div. C3 Mr. K. Sadr Grade 7 LFI Mrs. M. Virdi E.A.
Div. C4 Mme. A Konjin Grade 7 LFI Mr. P. Thadathilayyathyu E.A.
Div. D1 Mrs. L. Porter Grade 6/7 English Mrs. S. Johnson E.A.
Div. D2 Mrs. M. Larkin Grade 6/7 English Mme. S. Deschenes E.A.
Div. D3 Mme. K. Rexin Grade 6/7 EFI TBA E.A.
Div. D4 Mme. A Salvant Grade 6/7 EFI Ms. S. Pervez E.A.
Div. E1 Mr. B Craig Grade 8 EFI TBA E.A.
Div. E2 Mme. J Webster Grade 8 EFI Mrs. A. Nandha E.A.
Div. F1 Mr. D. Blatherwick Grade 8 English Mrs. P. Sandhu E.A.
Div. F2 Ms. A Seto Grade 8 English Mr. E. Kebedom Custodian
Div. F3 Mme. M Sprangers Grade 8 EFI Mr. T. Almonte Custodian
Div. F3 Ms. Tu Loan Trieu Grade 8 EFI (Weds PM/Thursday) Mr. G. Sokhal Custodian
Div. F4 Mr. R Eberding Grade 8 EFI TBA Custodian
Div. G1 Mrs. S Brothers Grade 8 English Mrs C Geroux Noon-hour supervisor
Div. G2 Mrs. C. Trott Grade 8 English Ms. L. Powell Noon-hour Supervisor
Div. G3 Mr. B Francois Grade 8 English Ms. M Nelson Noon-hour supervisor
Mme. C. Richter Resource (French) Mrs. J. Ross Crossing Guard
Mr. A Tirkey Resource Mr. A Isidro Noon-hour Supervisor
Mrs. S Peacock Resource Mrs Usha Rajput SWIS Coordinator
Ms. N Gibbs Resource
Mrs. A Jurgensen Exploratory/Art
Ms. W. Chan Exploratory/Home Ec.
Mr. A. Dayrit Exploratory/Band
Mr. S .Cobb Exploratory/Tech. Ed.
Ms. V. Yung Teacher Librarian
Mrs. S. Sasakura Counsellor
TBA Counsellor
Mr. L. Laufer Aboriginal Support Worker


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