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Staff Contact Information

Please note the complete list below for the staff of École Glenbrook Middle School updated September 16, 2019.

Principal: Chris Evans

Vice Principal: Tu Loan Trieu

Secretary: Lena Moysiuk

Teaching StaffSupport Staff
Div. A1Mr. RafterGrade 6/7 EnglishMrs. MoysiukSecretary
Div. A2Mr. J. GebertGrade 6/7 EnglishMs. K. JullSecretary
Div. A3Ms. CL Chen
Ms. T. Trieu
Grade 6/7 EnglishMs. S. GillSecretary
Div. B1Mr. A. AlvaroGrade 6/7 EnglishMrs. L. TessaroloE.A.
Div. B2Ms. B. TamGrade 6/7 EnglishMr. P. ThadathilayyathuE.A.
Div. B3M. Y. LaForestGrade 6/7 EFIMr. C. O’TooleE.A.
Div. B4Mme J. Mark
Mme. S. Brown
Grade 6/7 EFIMs. S. FordeE.A.
Div. C1Ms. S. LavenGrade 6/7 EnglishMr. M. DavisE.A.
Div. C2Mr. D. GravesGrade 6/7 EnglishMs. S. JohnsonE.A.
Div. C3M. K. SadrGrade 7 LFIMs. J. RiatE.A.
Div. C4Mme A. KonjinGrade 7 LFIMs. C. AbeE.A.
Div. D1Ms. L. PorterGrade 6/7 EnglishMs. S. DeschenesE.A.
Div. D2Ms. M. LarkinGrade 6/7 EnglishMs. A. RichE.A.
Div. D3Mme K. RexinGrade 6/7 EFIMs. A. ShephardE.A.
Div. D4Mme A. SalvantGrade 6/7 EFIMr. E. KebedomCustodian
Div. E1M. Y NadeauGrade 6 LFIMr. T. AlamonteCustodian
Div. E2Mme H. LewisGrade 6 LFI
Div. F1Mr. D. BlatherwickGrade 8 English
Div. F2Mr. B. FrancoisGrade 8 English
Div. F3Mme. M. Sprangers
Mme. S. Brown
Grade 8 EFI
Div. F4Mme S GibsonGrade 8 EFI
Div G1Mrs. S. BrothersGrade 8 English
Div G2Ms. C. TrottGrade 8 English
Div G3M. B. CraigGrade 8 EFI
Div G4Mme J. WebsterGrade 8 EFI
Ms. T. DewarResource
Ms. C. RichterResource
Mr. R. PeacockResource
Ms. J. TruongResource
Mr. A. DayritExploratory/Band
Ms. A. JurgensenExploratory
Ms. W. ChanExploratory
Ms. T. SmithChild Care Worker
Ms. C. WooTeacher Librarian
Ms. S. SasakuraCounsellor
Ms. S. BelleroseAboriginal Support Worker
TBAPolice Liaison Officer