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Extra curricular activities provide a great opportunity for students to make new friends and develop a sense of belonging.  At Glenbrook, we are fortunate to have varied and popular student club scene. There is something for everyone; in the past we have had everything from Knitting, Choir, Yearbook, Chess Club, to all different kinds of Sports Clubs, including Basketball, Ski and Snowboard, and Javelin and Shot Put, to name a few..  We hope our students learning many meaningful lessons that come from belonging to a School Club, but most of all have fun!

Please see the current list of clubs below, and remember that it may change throughout the school year. If you have a great idea for a club that doesn’t exist yet, come talk to Mr. Evans or Ms. Trieu about starting one up!

The Fall/Winter 2022/23 Student Club Schedule is available now! Please click the following link to see our current offerings: Weekly Student Club Schedule October 2022 (1)


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